The High Standards of Welltrients For Life Multivitamins


As per regulation, all Welltrient vitamin supplements ingredients are tested in isolation, at an independent lab, for purity and potency. What makes Welltrient vitamin supplements special, however, is that ingredients are held to a high standard.

Herbs and plant ingredients are tested for pesticides and other chemicals, as well as their freshness or aliveness (basically, they’re sent back if they’re brown and dead). Ingredients are chosen for the highest quality available, which doesn’t mean they’re perfect, just that they’re better than most brands. In fact, rejected ingredients are sent back to the seller, where they often end up in other brands’ (inferior) products.

The minerals in Welltrients for Life vitamins supplements are checked for potency as well (no mineral is 100% pure), and are held to a high standard for the right percentage of composition; that means that not only are you getting your money’s worth, but you’re getting a product that is designed to work–every ingredient is balanced to have the right composition for Welltrients’ vitamin supplements formulas..

Potency of herb and plant ingredients are also verified–the herbs go through a reduction process so that what goes into Welltrients vitamin supplements is highly extracted (and potent!). They are also standardized for consistency (you should expect no less). This means that ingredients aren’t just thrown into the capsules so we can tell you it’s there–ingredients are designed to be highly effective, so that you’re getting the most per capsule, and so that each formula is ideally balanced.

Why are potency and purity so important? Well, you may have seen recent attacks against the vitamin supplements industry–certainly there are those who are less scrupulous about their products’ purity. As for potency, well, every multivitamin is already crammed full with as many beneficial nutrients as possible–there’s no space for a weak ingredient!


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