Exercise OutsideHow are your New Year’s goals and resolutions coming? Most people put a lot of effort in the first couple weeks of the year—getting a gym membership, going daily, spending long weekend hours perfecting a new hobby, etc.

Don’t burn yourself out!

It’s time for some New Year goal support:

Sore muscles?

Make sure that you’re giving them support for whatever hobby you’ve picked up. Find a sport-specific yoga routine on YouTube, rest them every other day (for instance, alternate weight training with cardio), and follow safety guidelines so you don’t get hurt.

Drink plenty of water, especially after working out. And eat well: lots of protein, and a healthy, antioxidant rich diet.

And don’t forget Dakota Muscle Relief for natural pain relief after your workout!

Tired brain?

If you’re trying to meet a reading goal, learn a new skill, or meet new achievements at work, don’t overdo it right away. Your brain benefits from being stretched just like your muscles. For example, if you’re doing a lot with words, try a logic game in your downtime, and vice versa.

You can also support your brain with a daily supplement, like MesoGold.

Want better overall health?

It’s a great year long goal, and now is exactly the time that requires the most work, since we’re in the middle of a virulent flu season.

Hand washing, avoiding crowds (especially in cities with high flu levels), and supporting your immune system are all extra important right now.

ProTip: Figure Out Healthier Cheats

Dieters love to talk to each other about “cheat” days. The problem is, high in sugar, heavily processed foods can trigger a downward spiral. They tell your brain to crave more foods that are high in fat and sugar.

Try healthier foods like yogurt with fruit, a yogurt based smoothie with some protein, or glazed lean protein.

For an exercise cheat/rest, try a mild exercise day—walking around your favorite park, playing a game instead of doing a traditional workout, etc.

How are your New Year’s Goals coming?


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