Welltrients for Life: Striving for Bioavailability


Bioavailability, in this context, refers to your body’s ability to absorb and use the vitamin supplements you take.

A few different Welltrient multivitamins...

Welltrients ingredients are selected and processed with maximum bioavailability in mind–this means both choosing ingredient forms that can be easily digested and easily absorbed at the cellular level, and having minerals with the ideal bioavailability composition. Ideally, your body should have to minimally metabolize the ingredients, this means that Welltrient vitamin supplements seek to deliver nutrients in a form that is ready for your body to use at the cellular level. For many people, their ability to digest is dependent on their age as well as their overall health (diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in particular, can negatively affect nutrient absorption and metabolism). So, for those using natural vitamin supplements to maintain and improve their health, it is critical that they be readily absorpable and usable.

The final important element is the first to hit your digestive system–the capsule. Welltrient multivitamin capsules are all natural and designed to breakdown quickly–generally in about 20 minutes. This fast acting mechanism helps to increase the bioavailability of the ingredients. Striving to be “all natural” is actually a very important quality in vitamin supplements, because certain preservatives have been shown to delay the breakdown of capsules. Welltrient vitamin supplements use no preservatives, fillers, or other additives.

Welltrient vitamin supplements’ high bioavailability makes them “professional grade”; this is in contrast to most products available at grocery stores, which are “consumer grade”. Consumer grade supplements are inexpensive–they are trying to sell based on their low price point rather than their high quality. Low quality vitamin supplements don’t have the same bioavailability, which means even if you’re paying less out of pocket you’re getting less use out of it. With professional grade vitamin supplements like Welltrients, you get your money’s worth.


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