Nano Silver A Growing Field Of Medicine


Outside of the US, nano silver’s antimicrobial properties are being explored and put to use. Although it’s been used for years to purify water, it’s also being used to treat rabies in India, Hong Kong is exploring antiviral applications, dentists are creating new cavity fighting methods, and it’s being used to fight aggressive parasites.

In Canada, a super-prophylactic is being developed. With a nano silver coating, it would kill HIV, Herpes, and other STDs, decreasing the risk of transmission between infected and uninfected partners. Current antimicrobial prophylactics on the market rely on chemicals that can irritate skin and make disease transmission more likely. Nano Silver does not irritate skin (allergies to silver aside), nor does it interfere with the condom’s function, and would thus make a safer antimicrobial coating for a prophylactic.

Elsewhere, scientists are using nano silver as a diagnostic tool (nano gold is also being used to diagnose and deliver targeted treatments). Basically, using nano silver, light emitting particles, and years of DNA research, scientists can search for signs of disease, cancer in particular. This new method is cheaper and faster than the current method, and will help people get treatment much more quickly.

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