What Eats Mosquitoes? Bigger Mosquitoes.


Mosquito On ArmFlorida is expected to get an influx of gallinippers next summer—a type of mosquito that’s twenty times bigger than normal. While it’s not believed to carry disease, its bite hurts—and it’s active all day and night, not just twilight hours.

And yes, there is the benefit that it eats other pests, including mosquitoes. However, few will be grateful for the bites (aside from the risk of West Nile, who really minds a stray bite—from a normal mosquito—here or there? A little itching, a red spot, and it’s gone soon enough; gallinipper bites, however, are infamous!).

Even if they aren’t believed to carry disease, who knows how long that will last, or if it’s still true. Mosquitoes adapt quickly, after all!

Worse yet, they are even more resistant to DEET than normal mosquitoes, who are already being reported as developing it. Their large size means that anything you would use against them will need to be in greater quantity—but remember, that means a greater amount of exposure for you, too.

You’ll often hear that you should wear long sleeves and pants to avoid mosquitoes, but in summer? Opt for linen and other light materials. It will help, even if the giant gallinipper can bite through clothes.

And don’t forget pets, which mosquitoes are just as fond of.

Are you in Florida? Tell your tales of Gallinippers in the comments!


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