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Meet All Your Nutritional Needs This Summer

Meet All Your Nutritional Needs This Summer

Summer often correlates with more activity, and more healthy foods to boot, especially if you combine the two visiting your local farmer’s market. But there are still holes to cover, gaps in our day to day diet. For that, make sure to keep taking a daily multivitamin like Vita One.

Buying fresh, local fruit has a lot of health benefits. You’re likely to eat more, it’s often better quality, and you can find it from small organic places.

But there’s a downside to only eating from one regional source: you miss out on the nutrient variations that soil in different parts of the country (and world) have, and that’s after the narrowed down selection.

With more activities to do in summer, you need more supporting nutrients, too. Getting more antioxidants helps combat sun exposure, helps with exercise recovery, and helps support brain and heart health. As building blocks for the body, more nutrients means more resources when your body needs to heal from summer injuries like scrapes and burns, too.

Just make sure you choose a high-quality multivitamin and not a cheap grocery store vitamins (which range from expensive candies to ground up chalk). Studies that test their quality find that they often don’t have everything on the label. Plus, most brands sold in stores have additives that healthy eaters normally try to avoid.

Instead, choose a high-quality multivitamin that matches the care and effort your put into your diet (or makes up for the lack of it). Vita One has no additives, fillers, and is made from fresh ingredients, with a large variety of high-quality nutrients chosen for their most easy to digest, absorb, and use forms.

Take a Vita One multivitamin every day as a safety net to cover your nutritional bases and boost your diet.


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