It doesn’t need to be explained how important memory is, whether it’s used for cherishing our past, avoiding repeating mistakes, or just getting through the day remembering where your keys are. But it can suffer through disuse, age, poor diet, and more. Here are three easy ways to help boost and protect your memory, now and for the future.

Start with the easiest support of all: colloidal gold. Colloidal gold doesn’t just support memory, it supports other aspects of brain function as well, including focus, concentration, mood, energy, and even hand-eye coordination. Getting support from colloidal gold takes only seconds each morning—you only have to remember to take it!

Next, go to something well known to support memory: exercise. Don’t worry, you won’t need a gym membership! Research shows as little as a light ten minutes a day (like a walk) stimulates the mind and boosts memory. You can work a short walk into your day just by walking instead of driving to lunch or another nearby errand; or, you can drive to your nearest open space and enjoy the fall weather.

Finally, make sure you aren’t sabotaging your memory with stress. Stress is hard on the mind and body, and over time can impact memory (and focus, and mood, and more!). There are lots of small, easy ways you can manage stress to protect your mind and body: spend a few minutes each day unwinding, whether it’s with a calm moment or a beloved activity; sit down and sort through problems—identify what they are, make a plan for what you can fix, and let go of what you can’t, then work on not thinking about them until it’s time to act; and finally, kill two birds with one stone—use that 10 minutes of exercise as a way to fight stress!

Get started on boosting and protecting your memory with support from colloidal gold, then add some other easy, memory boosting habits to your day.

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