Guard Your HeartAnother study has linked shingles with an increased risk of heart attack and stroke (as well as other health events). It’s not the first, but this one did more to control for preexisting susceptibility.

It’s good information for patients: when you get an outbreak of shingles, your risk of a heart attack and stroke (and more, less serious health problems) goes up—so do more to take care of your body, pay attention to it, and work with your doctor.

Why does shingles signal an increased risk? It’s important to note that the causation isn’t proven, but it’s very very strong!

Likely reasons include:

-A weakened immune system often triggers a shingles outbreak, so it’s not really surprising that other problems would follow.

What causes a weakened immune system? Stress, minor illness like a cold, aging, or even just not taking ideal care of yourself (diet, exercise, sleeping…). You can fix some of those problems yourself. For extra support against the others, try n immune supporting supplement like colloidal silver.

Inflammation can cause a heart attack (blood clots, and more), and inflammation can be caused by shingles—so researchers aren’t surprised by the possibility of a cascade of events.

How do you fight inflammation? Support your immune system so it can fight against it (see above!), eat a diet rich with antioxidants (fruits, or even a supplement of powerful antioxidants), and pay attention to signs of it your body: redness, pain, and swelling.

-The added stress of having shingles. Shingles hurt—sometimes really, really, bad—and if you’re already stressed, the outbreak tends to come on that much worse, so the whole problem compounds. Stress can also be a risk factor for cardiac events.

If you get shingles, take action, even if it’s inaction like meditating, catching up on sleep, or finding time for a calm activity. And if you take action against shingles by adding some immune support or cardio support to your day, you might find the whole situation less stressful.

And don’t forget to support your cardiovascular system. Exercise, sleep, good nutrition, even a targeted high-quality multivitamin can help. The risk from shingles lasts for months, so a little extra support might just go a long way!

What relieves stress for you?


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