Antibiotic resistance is getting serious, with everyone from young to old, mostly healthy to chronically ill at risk for catching an antibiotic resistant bacteria. Some illnesses, like STIs, are becoming more common. People are trusting antibiotics, then not getting follow up care and going out with the infection unchecked.

Among the many paths being explored to find a new source of antibiotics, some researchers are looking for the answers in old treatments for infections… and they’re finding them.

With common ingredients like garlic, the recipes are actually proving to be surprisingly effective, even getting past the barriers to tricky bacteria like MRSA.

You don’t have to dig through medieval texts to find some quality immune support, though. With a history that goes back even farther and more modern research to back it up, you can get colloidal silver and use it to support your immune system against bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

Colloidal silver was used as an antibiotic until the advent of modern antibiotics (the ones that are now failing). But if it’s time for a return to traditions, colloidal silver hasn’t really gone anywhere, it’s just that not everyone knows about it anymore!

You can use colloidal silver for daily immune support. It’s an easy step to support your health, whether it’s cold and flu season, allergy and head cold season, or just against the scrapes and wear of daily living. Colloidal silver even has a long history of use as skin support, so pick up a spray for support against acne, minor scrapes and burns, and more.

What are your thoughts on returning to old solutions? Leave a comment!


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver MesoSilver is an all-natural, drug-free dietary supplement that acts as an unparalleled supplement to the immune system. Use it to fight off pathogens and keep your body healthy.

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