Hikers near WaterThe big news for summer are all the pests to fend off during our time outside. I’m not talking about chasing ants off the picnic blanket, I’m talking about ticks, mosquitoes, and more.

While itching, scratching, and big red bumps aren’t fun, what’s really an issue are all the diseases that are transmitted by bites! Make sure you’re ready to support a strong immune system over the summer with plenty of colloidal silver, then read on for the latest news on all those pests!

You’re probably up on Zika virus, and how foreign transmissions are expected to turn into local transmissions as mosquito activity picks up. (If you’re not, click here for the lowdown).

But, all those “old-news” mosquito-borne illnesses are still around. West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Chik-V, Yellow Fever. And just like West Nile virus spread, other tropical-mosquito diseases are inching their way in (Zika spread so quickly because for most people, there are few, or even no, symptoms).

Make sure to take note of the date of any outing that attracts mosquito bites,then talk to you doctor if you later develop fever, headache, or other persistent, possibly mild symptoms.

And there’s a lot of talk about ticks, although it might be getting drowned out.

First of all, the range of ticks who carry Lyme Disease is spreading to more counties every year. If you live near nature (tall grass, deer, mountains), be aware of tick bites and symptoms of disease—because doctors aren’t always paying attention to the pile of headlines and similar symptoms for different diseases they have to sort through in a limited amount of time. Unless it makes your local news, there’s probably no bulletin going out about the local tick population.

Some cases of Lyme Disease start with a bulls-eye rash. Many don’t. Lyme Disease symptoms include fever, fatigue, headache and pain/stiffness in the joints. Your best chance of catching it early and treating it easily is checking for ticks/tick bites after spending time outdoors. If you find a tick, bring it to your doctor for testing.

Here’s something to note: long-term antibiotics for Lyme Disease are turning out to be not very effective. Chronic symptoms usually occur because inflammation from Lyme Disease damages joints, and symptoms linger. Try a combination of immune support like colloidal silver so you have some back-up help while your body is weakened and healing, and some added nutritional support so you have extra nutrients to draw on and rebuild (like Joint MGRx for targetted joint nutrition).

And here’s something else you can do: keep your immune system strong (try colloidal silver, or these tips). A bite can go unnoticed. It might take a while for symptoms to show up. And, there’s a lot going on in the summer besides pests. An extra layer of support can go a long way towards more days feeling good and ready to enjoy the warm weather!

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