Take the stairs!It’s a side-effect of the American obesity epidemic: more people are developing Type-2 Diabetes. The good news? With simple changes, Type-2 Diabetes is easy to prevent (and even curable in some cases).

Which has lead doctors to question: at what age does the benefit exceed the cost of diabetes screening?

Right now, the recommendation is that everyone 45 and older get a simple blood test for diabetes. But with childhood obesity still regularly making headlines, some think anyone with a risk factor (like weight) should be screened starting at 18.

I would hope doctors are involved enough with their patients to be able to make the recommendation for a diabetes screening without needing a general guideline based on age—but the truth is studies have found most doctors won’t broach weight with patients, much less the side-effects being overweight (or obese) can have.

But the good news? There’s lots of ways to prevent Type-2 diabetes. Losing weight tops the list—extra body fat, among other things, causes excess hormones that can trigger diabetes and other diseases.

Exercise is one of the easiest ways to get started, and all that means is gradually increasing your movement levels. An extra walk here and there, taking the stairs occasionally. Then gradually, make the walks more intense, give elevators the shaft in favor of the stairs, and pick up some weights (building muscle will help burn calories around the clock).

Then work on your diet—not only does eating healthier aid weight loss, but there are lots of foods that might lower your risk for diabetes, like legumes.

Want more support?

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Or try Glycemic MGR as a support supplement!

What do you think—should we broaden screening for diabetes?


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