Which Was The Best Weight Loss Diet Of 2012?


Weight LossFor Consumer Reports evaluation of the best diets of 2012, they chose to survey real people, following the diets in the real world, to see what worked, and which methods were favorites.

Popular were do-it-yourself methods that incorporated small changes into everyday life rather than demanding diet changes or strong commitments. Apps, in particular, are growing in popularity for weight loss diets since they provide nutrition information at the touch of a button or the scan of a barcode.

It supports the idea of making a New Year wish—for good health, a bit more exercise, whatever… rather than a resolution—to spend three hours a week at the gym, to give up sugar—which can fail if you miss a step.

Also good to know is that whatever weight loss diet you choose is likely to work. Dieters reported that they lost weight on all types—assisted programs like Weight Watchers, lifestyle changes like the paleo diet, and DIY ones—so the most important factor is picking what will work best for you.

If you do start to follow a weight loss diet, make sure to take a multivitamin so that as you cut calories you have a safety net in case you also cut nutrients. There are also natural diet supplements that can help by supporting your metabolism.

Which was your favorite weight loss diet of 2012?


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