Man Eating Burger at HomeIt’s probably on your mind already—digestion—whether you’re uncomfortable right now, or thinking about how you need to make better decisions in the future.

You might be a healthy eater, cheat occasionally, or subscribed to the typical American diet. All types can sometimes run into digestion troubles, because what we eat is only the beginning. Yes, a diet rich with fruits and vegetables nurtures the good bacteria in your gut, helping improve overall health, and digestion in particular. But even the best diet can become impaired (for example, a virus could trigger inflammation; Lyme Disease is a good example because a prolonged case start affecting the organs).

How you eat can impact digestion, too, of course, and it’s always good to go down the checklist of easy steps before doing more. So make sure you eat slow (to allow your brain to process how much you’ve eat, and avoid swallowing air) and with a warm glass of water (or tea, if that’s more your thing!).

If you still feel like you need a boost, choose something that supports your digestion. Start with the gentlest step: more probiotics in your diets. As science better maps out how the good bacteria that make us up impact our health, it’s clear that it’s every aspect, not just our digestion and weight. Our mood, heart health, and more are all potentially impacted by which bacterial colonies make up our gut and skin.

Probiotic rich foods are any fermented foods that require refrigeration, like yogurt, kefir, and even certain pickled foods. To get probiotics everyday without changing your diet, you can also use a probiotic supplement, like Flora MGR.

Another step is to supplement with some enzymes. Helping to break down the food you eat means more nutrients get absorbed, fueling your body better (which of course includes digestion!). For some, a short term boost can move things in the right direction. For others, the help of extra enzymes offsets things like aging. Certain foods are enzyme rich like papayas. For an option that isn’t full of sugar, though, you can also choose a supplement like Digest Aid.

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