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We function on more than a mind-body connection, our every habit cascades into consequences (good or bad) for our physical and mental health. Sleep plays a large role in weight gain and heart health. What we eat can affect our mental health. Exercise creates healthy ripples throughout the mind and body. But we all struggle with something—insomnia, dietary cravings, changing moods. To get to a better health, the key is to focus on what you can, when you can.

For example, if you’re an insomniac, try, but don’t obsess, to create healthy sleep habits. While you’re working through it, focus on things you might have more control over: getting exercise, eating more vegetables, or those moments of energy where you feel good.

Alternately, if exercise perpetually alludes you, focus on eating healthy, good sleep habits, and other ways to lower stress levels.

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It’s all connected, so focusing on what you’re good at can help lead you to other good health habits.

If you’re struggling in multiple ways, use supplements for extra support. Pretty much everyone can benefit from a good multivitamin to make sure their nutritional bases are always covered. Colloidal silver offers extra immune support through winter, old age, and more. Supplements can help us create a foundation for more good health habits by helping us feel our best.

Why do all these health habits spiral into each other (with good habits like exercise encouraging good cravings like eating more produce)? Because they all affect the bacteria that colonize our body, and good habits encourage healthy bacteria. So do what you can, when you can, until you can create a cascade effect of good habits!

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