Enjoying the SunNear the top of the list of “things most people don’t get enough of” is Vitamin D—getting a little bit more is not only good for your bones and general health, it’s linked to a stronger immune system, less seasonal depression, and more, like improving heart health, especially for people struggling with heart disease.

In the study, one group took a Vitamin D supplement for a year, and the other took a placebo. The difference was enough that researchers are hopeful something as simple as Vitamin D might improve outcomes for at least a few patients.

A great way to get Vitamin D is from the sun, which will stimulate your body to make its own. You only need a little each day, though—after that, get some skin protection. Building a tan can actually make getting Vitamin D harder.

You can get more Vitamin D by focusing on a healthy diet that includes fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, pork or fortified foods. A high-quality multivitamin is better than fortified foods, and great if you aren’t getting Vitamin D rich foods everyday or have a limited diet.

One thing to note: sometimes, calcium isn’t recommended for heart patients. If you’re looking for a Vitamin D supplement, try one specially formulated to support heart health in line with the latest studies. Mito Cardia has Vitamin D but no calcium, as well as other nutrients to support heart health every single day.

If you aren’t worried about calcium (and most people want a little more—calcium is great support as you age, during winter, and if you’re worried about doing more for your bone health), cover all your bases with Welltrient Trio, which includes Mito Cardia, our general daily multivitamin Vita One, and Triple Strength Antioxidant.

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