Using a new technique, researchers have tracked Vitamin D3’s effect on heart cells… and found it’s one of the few things that can help the body rebuild after a heart attack. Even before a heart attack, the researchers found evidence that Vitamin D3 helps support heart health by increasing nitric oxide production and in turn increasing blood flow. Everyone could use a little more Vitamin D, and this is a great reason to start taking a daily multivitamin if you haven’t already.

One common trait of people who have heart attacks? They’re Vitamin D deficient. In fact, many people are Vitamin D deficient. It’s a hard working nutrient at use all over our body, from our brains to our eyes, guts to heart to bones. Your body can make its own Vitamin D when you spend time in the sun, but that can be difficult, especially during winter months, and it comes with the risk that too much sun, or an accidental burn, could increase the risk of skin cancer (especially if you already have a history of tanning).

The winter blues can be another sign of Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D helps support brain health and mood, and it can be common during winter months to feel a little down as we spend less time outdoors (and being active in general). Another study recently found that although people with IBS have many nutrient deficiencies, it might be Vitamin D that makes the difference and helps improve symptoms.

In general, most people are low on Vitamin D, and it’s more than important enough to warrant a little extra in your diet. A good daily multivitamin like Vita One has Vitamin D that’s easy for the body to absorb and use.

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