Very Tired Lady PhotoAt this time of year, you might be asking yourself “Why am I sleeping so much, and still tired?”. There are a lot of possibilities—and no reason not to tackle them so you can have more energy and time to enjoy the holidays!

Sleep is critical to our health, mood, energy level—everything. But because it’s so central, a lot of things can impact it! I’ll start with the simplest (afterall, when you’re troubleshooting your computer, you start by turning it off and on again, unplugging it, and checking the basics—let’s do the same with sleep!).

First, figure out how you’re sleeping. A sleep study is the definitive way, but you can do some basic troubleshooting by asking a partner what goes on (Do you snore? Toss and turn? Talk in your sleep?) or even use an app on your phone to monitor yourself.

Worst case you might have sleep apnea (and good news, there’s a CPAP being tested that’s tiny and tubeless), but more likely, you probably aren’t setting the stage for sleep.

Literally, check off all 5 senses before you go to bed. Sight—make sure your room is dark, including beeping lights on your phone. Sound—blackout curtains block out not just light, but noise. Touch—your bed and pillow should offer support, not stiff necks, numb limbs, etc., and sheets should be pleasant, not distracting. Taste—clean your teeth, or you’ll be swallowing plaque all night, which can cause chronic inflammation/heart troubles, and contribute to you being tired. Smell—Lavender, vanilla, or ocean scents can be calming (depending on the person) and contribute to a more solid night’s sleep.

Keep in mind that interrupted sleep is worth less to you than a short, solid block. Bladder problems, phone alerts, sleep apnea, anything that’s causing you to break away from the deep sleep you need will mess up your day.

Next, troubleshoot your day.

Are you drinking caffeine after lunch? A post-dinner coffee is classy, but horrible if you’re prone to insomnia. Exercising (ideally before lunch, because it perks you up)? Getting enough calories, from nutritious foods? And yes, I said enough Calories. Crash-diets will wear you out and mess you up.

What about sunlight? If work has you stuck inside during daylight hours, add a daily multivitamin to your morning to ensure you’re getting enough Vitamin D to have good energy levels and not feel depressed (which can suck energy, too!).

Then look for bigger problems!

Sleeping more than 9 hours, and/or still feeling tired (maybe you don’t have the luxury of 9 hours, but need them!) can indicate a bigger problem than lifestyle, like a weakened immune system.

If your immune system is fighting off something (and it can range from the mild, like acne, a hangnail, a rash, to the serious, like advancing Hep C, cancer, chronic Lyme Disease…) then your body will need more sleep. And to be clear—more sleep is a symptom, not a problem. If you feel tired, figure out why, but don’t deny yourself the rest you need.

If you think it’s one of the more serious issues, watch for further symptoms, and see a doctor for the standard yearly tests you might be due so you can have peace of mind.

Sometimes, supporting your immune system might be the ticket. After all, we’re in the middle of a harsh winter, and what’s supposed to be a harsh cold and flu season (with a no-good flu shot). Your body is likely fighting off exposure to any number of pathogens (including E. coli after E. coli outbreak this year!). Not every exposure leads to infection, and that’s thanks to your immune system, and the things it does to heal you (like sleep).

One way you can support your immune system is to add a little colloidal silver to your day.

Finally, you might just be a bad sleeper. Maybe it’s decades of getting habituated to a bad pattern, or maybe you’re a light sleeper, or sensitive to sensory input, and need and extra boost. Maybe you just need a little support to get you started as you change your behaviors.

In that case, try a sleep aid like our Sleep Support Pack so that you can get uninterrupted, deep, sleep. It’s so worth it when you wake up feeling whole and refreshed.

How’s your winter? Share your thought in the comments:


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