Mouth Taking MultivitaminIf you’ve ever landed in the comments section/discussion of a trending article, you’ve probably seen comments about how no one has actually read the article. It turns out, catchy headlines are doing pretty good job of shaping our opinions.

How do I know? Research says that more people are choosing to take singular nutrients (like taking just Vitamin D), and that many report it’s because of headlines saying multivitamins aren’t as good as previously thought. But if they’d read the articles, they’d know that there’s a reason most multivitamins will fail you, and you can avoid it!

It’s that the average daily multivitamin you find in the grocery store carries low-quality ingredients—at best. Some don’t even fulfill the promise of having everything on the label, and are mostly filler, and one of the more common fillers is basically chalk (AKA cheap calcium).

Cheap ingredients don’t get absorbed and used by the body as well. In fact, they may even linger and cause problems (both calcium and iron supplements are known for this). And that’s lead to all the headlines reporting that multivitamins don’t work, or may even be bad for you. After all, stating the obvious doesn’t sell papers (or get clicks): “You Get What You Pay For: Cheap Multivitamins Don’t Work”. I know I’d scroll past it!

The good news is, you can get nutritional support from a daily multivitamin, you just have to choose a good one! In a good multivitamin, the ingredients are balanced so that they work together. You don’t get that from one-ingredient-wonders. In a good multivitamin, the ingredients are bioavailable, meaning they are easily absorbed and used by the body, and they’re gentler on the stomach.

A good multivitamin like Vita One gives you your start on daily nutrition. And since it’s got what it says (and in better for you versions!) it’s actually a better deal. It has no fillers, and includes the ingredients you want most, like Vitamin D.

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