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Senior with scale and broccoli dumbellIt may seem redundant to say that the basics of a healthy immune system are eating right, exercise, enough sleep, etc., etc….

But LESS THAN 3% of Americans are meeting those very basic body-care needs.

The study looked for four factors: eating ok, moderate exercise, weight control, and not smoking. It wasn’t looking for specimens of ideal health, just the basics that every doctor recommends. While most people don’t smoke, checking those other boxes was hard.

Very few people had a healthy weight. What caught my eye is that people are more likely to exercise than eat healthy, and while exercising will support heart health, brain health, and more, it’s much easier to pack on calories than burn them off.

While calorie control is important, other methods of support might be important, too. Especially if you’ve experienced the struggle of a strict diet with slow, minimal improvement, you may need to be doing more to support your health.

-Fight back stress. Being stressed all the time will do a lot to you, including speed up weight gain, and make loss difficult, too. Plus, try getting motivated when you’re mentally weighed down.

If you can work up some exercise, that will immediately help. If not, figure out a way to clear your mind for five minutes (mediation, a puzzle, cleaning) then plunge into something healthy.

-Keep up the nutritional support. Whether you’re in the some 62% not eating well, or are trying to make big changes, make sure you’re not leaving gaps in your nutritional needs. If your body is short on something needed, you might feel bad (tired and grumpy, sore, or have cravings that crash your diet), or your body might get a little crazy trying to get them (and gain weight or struggle).

Make sure you have a daily multivitamin, so whichever place you’re in, you get the basics! (and, in an easy to absorb form).

-Keep on top of your probiotics. Dairy is easily the most common source of probiotics in America (for dairy free, try something like kimchi), but many people cut dairy (for calories or allergies or both) when they’re looking for a health kick. Try a probiotic supplement instead so you keep your colonies healthy and supported.

Why? Having a good array of healthy bacteria in your gut, according to researchers, plays a big part in many health factors, including weight.

Once you make strides with one of those basics, it will be easier to start on the others!

Which health basic do you struggle with the most?


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