Standing With laptopAnd more importantly, your health comes down to the little things.

For most people, getting started is the hardest part. But you can do it without even leaving your chair.

Just fidget more. Hop your feet, twist, stretch, readjust. People who fidget are more likely to be thin, and according to a new study, fidgeting may offset a lot of the risks of sitting. If you have a desk job, take note.

Even better if you can stand up occasionally. It’s why standing desks have taken off. Standing more throughout your day, according to a new study, may be just as good as exercise at lowering your blood pressure (I would guess that’s another reason why people who exercise a lot, but sit at a desk all day, struggle with blood pressure).

If you live a sedentary lifestyle, try these steps:

-Fidget. Tap your foot, change your leg posture, twist your back.

-Look for opportunities to stand up. Can you pace during a phone call? Set up snacks across the room so you have to get up for them? Or can you arrange your desk so you can stand up while you work?

-Remember, any movement makes a huge difference. You don’t have to suddenly lose weight and looked toned—although if you start moving more often, you might get there. A half hour walk, or little walks throughout the day (again, as little as pacing during a phone call) made huge differences. Really—even a slow/gentle as one mile per hour is great for you. And if you can work constant small movements into your day, that’s ideal.

What problems might you encounter?

Coming up with creative ways to get moving. Follow (and share with us) on our Twitter and Facebook, for #SneakyExercise ideas.

Foot comfort. One of the bigger downsides to standing all day is tired feet. You might consider investing in a pair of ergonomically designed, supportive shoes. If you’re going to wear the same pair every day, be sure you’re spritzing them with Smelly Shoe Spray when you get home.

Or, depending on your starting point, you may need extra support. For some people, a daily multivitamin might be enough. Other might be looking for more they can do within their day to support their cardiovascular system.

Our Jiaogulan tea is a wonderful afternoon break, and it may support heart health and more.

Or add Mito Cardia to your daily multivitamin (it’s a great idea for everyone, and you can even find it in our Welltrient Trio).

How do you fedget during the day?


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